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Community Advisory

On February 01, 2019, police responded to an Albemarle Rd. address for a report of a past scam/robbery.

According to the 82-year-old victim, at approximately 3:00 pm yesterday (January 31, 2019), a white male, in his mid-thirties, dark hair, some facial hair and wearing a dark winter stocking cap, light brown jacket, rust colored pants, sneakers and some sort of ID with an American flag on it, around his neck, came to her door stating he was from the Water Department and needed to come inside to check the water.

The victim allowed him entry in to her home and he then went into the kitchen. He then had her turn the water faucet on and kept her occupied by talking about the possibility of her tap water not being clean. Though she saw no one else, the victim said he appeared to be talking-not in English-with someone else. She further said the man told her he came from Poland but she thought the accent did not appear to be European. This man was in her home for about 30-35 minutes with the victim being with him the whole time. She said that when he left she never saw any vehicle out front.

This morning the victim discovered that jewelry and cash were missing from her home.

It appears that someone(s) else had entered her home while she was in the kitchen with the male.

According to the City of Newton Water/Sewer Division, the only time an employee of theirs will come to your door is either in emergency, a previously scheduled appointment or from a loss of water from the metering system. Before a scheduled visit, someone will call you from their billing office.

Each employee will have a City Of Newton Identification with the employee’s picture on it and clothing that says Newton Utilities or DPW. Also, the employee(s) will be driving either a yellow or white vehicle with the City Of Newton seal on it and each vehicle will have Blue Municipal registration plates.

Never let anyone into your home without knowing for sure who they are. When in doubt, please call us at 617 796-2100 or in the event someone is trying to force entry into your home call 911.

If anyone has any information regarding yesterday’s incident, please call our Detective Bureau at 617 796-2104 or use our “Anonymous Tips Line” at 617 796-2121

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