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Massachusetts voters are evenly split on a ballot question that would fundamentally change how they select candidates for state and federal office, according to a WBUR poll conducted by the MassINC Polling Group.

But  David Cavell said yesterday that decision to drop out of the race for Congress yesterday (and endorse Jesse Mermell) wouldn’t have been necessary if ranked choice voting was already in play, notes an artcile CommonWealth Magazine.

Cavell said his decision to quit what had been a nine-way scramble for the Democratic nomination was motivated by a wish not to see one of the leading candidates, Newton City Councilor Jake Auchincloss, prevail as a result of other candidates with similar views splitting the support of like-minded voters.

“There are many strong candidates to represent the people of the Fourth District,” Cavell said in a statement. “Unfortunately, there is one candidate in this race who I believe has proven himself unfit to represent this District. In a crowded field without ranked-choice voting, I refuse to make it more likely that the people of our District, particularly Black and brown people, will be represented by someone we cannot trust.”